Bjärred delta

A delta that unites


Lomma Kommun, Public competition in collaboration with Plantagon

Family member

ETTELVA Arkitekter


Urban Development


ETTELVA took part in Lomma municipality's design competition for the future planning of Bjärred. Our proposal Bjärred Delta is based on the idea of ​​a green delta that creates connections and shapes the neighbourhood. The delta is a place for urban farming, transportation, biodiversity and social interaction. It also creates connections between the neighbourhood and the surrounding city.


In order to compensate for the agricultural land that will be used for housing, the ambition has been to find other ways to continue local food production. In collaboration with Plantagon, the possibility of integrating cultivation into the urban environment has been developed. Cultivation, sales of vegetables, research and higher education linked to agriculture are part of the new urban environment.


The proposal has an organic structure that connects existing buildings and green areas with the new urban fabric. We have designed a neighbourhood where the social sustainability is a priority, a structure which inspires physical activity and encourage people's participation in the community. The buildings are arranged around common yards with a diversity of different kinds of housing to create a varied social composition.

Urban farming, Concept for sustainability, biodiversity and recreation
Urban farming, Concept for sustainability, biodiversity and recreation_2