Djurgården’s Visitor Centre



Kungliga Djurgårdens förvaltning and Djurgården’s Sjöcafe

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ETTELVA Arkitekter




ETTELVA was tasked to design a visitor centre that would create a true entrance point to Djurgården, the royal parks which attract 10 million visitors per year within Stockholm.


Form and material choices are collected from the surrounding, historic architecture on Djurgården, whilst the inspiration for the roof form is taken from architecture associated with royal family.


ETTELVA’s design for Djurgården’s Visitor Centre creates a natural meeting point that has become a lively and active juncture for both visitors and locals all year round. The building design consists of two parts, combining a solid, stone wall that cuts into the landscape, with a modern and transparent glass pavilion. An extended roof scape is shaped like an arcade that runs across the building facade, creating a natural entrance that offers protection to visitors out on the square. On the rear side a steel pergola provides solar shade and helps define views over the surrounding park. Two thirds of the building volume, containing public toilets, a summer kitchen and technical area, disappear discreetly into the ground.

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