Gröna Stråket

The strengthened small town.


Håbo kommun

Family member

ETTELVA Arkitekter


Urban Development


ETTELVA has developed a design program that guides the transformation of Bålsta Centrum, with 2,000 new homes that will unite scattered urban spaces into a small town. The program illustrates the desired qualities of the new buildings and gives suggestions for the design of public squares, parks and streets.


Our goal is to strengthen Bålsta's identity. A green connection between the hillside in the north and the valley in the south, extending to Lake Mälaren, and an urban connection between the old town and Bålsta center are what orientate the plan. The meeting between these connections becomes an intense node in the new Bålsta.


Our plan outline is for a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly city with intimate, low scale environments with an emphasis on sustainability. We have worked with the traditional small town as a model and established the conditions for a living town square. The new station park will be a welcoming entrance to Bålsta, and a new travel center will be a node where the public meets the private.