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Haga Strand AB

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Urban Development


Nature is everything. Who wouldn’t want a comfortable and attractive home only 300 m from Lake Mälaren. The open landscape and views of the lake creates nature experiences that is second to none. So how could that be combined with a living experience that is as unique and flexible as you are?


We’ve developed a neighborhood with 26 homes, divided into 13 semi-detached houses. Each house has a plot with lawn, parking space, storage and the possibility of a garage or carport. The houses have an unfurnished attic that serves as storage, but the space can easily be extended to a furnished living area. The beautiful attic staircase means that the upper floor also has its own entrance, practical both for tenants and for teenage children.


The well designed homes with 4 rooms and a kitchen are a total of 94 sqm. Inside, all material choices are of a good standard and the solutions are well thought out and effective. In total, the house can be expanded with a total living area of approximately 170 sqm.