The Metropolitan Palace



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The Metropolitan Palace, designed by architect Björn Hedvall in 1927, is today a classified building of cultural and historical value, with special note given to the interior’s Pompeian murals by the artist Nils Asplund. In 2017 the property was taken over by Stureplansgruppen, which in the same year commissioned Millimeter Architects to design new furnishings proper for the existing historical interior architecture and for the new concept, L’Avventura, a high-end Italian restaurant.


The biggest challenge of this project was to design a modern and functional interior with a design language that could speak for itself, whilst interacting with the surrounding murals, and enhancing the grand and open space of the room.


Working with the above challenges the result became a light interior with unfixed furnishings on fine steel legs, to give a sense of transparency and to act in harmony and enhance the old murals. We also kept the furnishing low and placed two tall olive trees in the middle of the room, to capture the openness and ceiling height of the salon.

Bar, restaurant
Exclusive restaurant
Exclusive restaurant