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With 4,000 employees and 32,000 students, Linköping University is one of Sweden's leading universities. With the new Studenthuset at Campus Valla, the university set out to create a new landmark for the whole institution and - more importantly - create a home for boundary-crossing research and innovation. But how can a university be flexible enough to adapt to a changing environment, yet being influential enough to drive society’s development.


What does theory and knowledge look like when it’s translated into architecture? Studenthuset is designed as a public meeting place for students, researchers, employees and the general public. The seven story building houses, among other things, a library, lecture theaters, offices, reading places, meeting rooms and a café.


With its seven floors, the house rises above the campus area and becomes a strong signature building and the university's clear entrance. Through its design, the boundaries between the building's various functions have been minimized, facilitating interaction and knowledge transfer and idea exchange. Economical, social and ecological sustainability is at the core of the design scheme, ensuring a flexible and inspiring environment for all visitors.