Lisa Elmqvist

Identity and harmony.


Lisa Elmqvist

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Millimeter Arkitekter


Interior Design


As part of the big restoration of ‘Östermalms Saluhall’, that has been going on between 2016-2020, Millimeter Architects have been involved in multiple restaurant interiors inside the hall. The original building of this historically significant food hall of Stockholm was design in 1888 by Isac Gustaf Clason and Kasper Salin. For this project Millimeter were commissioned by the major operator, Lisa Elmqvist, to be their partner in creating the interiors their stand and new restaurant space.


Due to the cultural and historical value of this building the major focus of the overall restoration has been to recapture the original essence of the space. All new additions have had to follow strict design guidelines and be customized not to be attached or disturb the original interior architecture. While the operator Lisa Elmqvist also want to stand out among the other stands and have their own identity the biggest challenge has been to create a harmony between the two.


Since the existing interior architecture had a set space planning, we put much effort into creating a functional logistic for the operator within the given space. Most of the interior has been specialized design to suit the space, create an efficient interior layout and meet the rules of the design manual. Since nothing could be fixed to the building the furniture had to be free standing and the construction of them carefully developed. Nothing of this would have been achieved if it wasn’t for the good a close relationship with the operator and the successful collaboration with the other consultants involved in this big reconstruction.

exclusive food court
exclusive food court