Circular economy is not a buzzword. It's the solution. On behalf of furniture manufacturer Massproductions, we've developed an environment in which all design elements can be reused



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Circular economy is not a buzzword. It's the solution. On behalf of acoustic pioneers Abstracta, we've developed an environment in which all design elements can be reused.


Is there a conflict in flexibility, and sustianability? Can marketing be a part of the solution rather than the cause of the problem? Abstracta wanted a new take on how a sales space could be made more sustainable.


We've developed an environment in which all design elements can be reused, and at the same time be an arena for the sales team to meet with clients. The environment is created in order to illustrate not only the visual aesthetics of the Abstracta's products, but also their acoustic properties. The space is an extension of the virtual experience The Abstracta VR Exhibition Space. By developing the physical and digital concepts in parallel, the environments are fully integrated.

massproductions design concept
modern design concept