At home in Stockholm.



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Interior Design


After 28 years in Akalla, Microsoft Sweden relocates to Stockholm CBD and Urban Escape. At the same time, the office size is reduced from 7 000 to 3 000 sqm. So what does a future proof office for a global tech company look like? And is there a tradeoff between design, flexibility and sustainability?


With the design concept At home in Stockholm, an inclusive environment has been developed where human interaction is at the center. The concept is inspired by the Scandinavian seasons, creating a varied and flexible experience in terms of functions, lighting, color and materials. The use of Virtual Reality has been been vital during the project. By creating a digital twin of the space, the entire project group has had the opportunity to be involved in the design process from day one.


With the new office as the hub, a dynamic environment for collaboration is created at the same time as the connection to the outside world is strengthened. Technology has been integrated into the interior to reinforce the design scheme rather than to dominate it. Throughout the project, sustainability and accessibility have run as a common thread to create an environment in which you feel good, which can be adapted over time and which welcomes everyone.