Norra Hamnen

For both you and me.


Stadsutveckling AB

Family member

ETTELVA Arkitekter


Urban Development


The vision for Norra hamnen is to create bright and generous residential area in a modern and beautiful city district close to Enköping's city center. But how to develop a neighborhood that offers attractive housing both for former homeowners who want to settle closer to the city and for young people who may have just moved away from home.


The new building has a character that is connected to Enköping's center buildings and the traditional grid city. In total, there are 30 apartments on 3-5 floors, with a recessed penthouse with dormers facing Ågatan and large generous balconies / patios facing the courtyard. The courtyard is planned leafy and peaceful with a common pergola and a small play area for the youngest children. The facades facing the street are divided into three sections with different colors and panel structure in one to reduce the scale and make the walk along Ågatan a varied experience.


The wooden panel and the domes facing Ågatan allude to Enköping's traditional architecture. Large generous window sections provide light and airiness and at the same time the modern expression that is sought after. The courtyard facades have standing light wood paneling that captures sunlight and gives a warm tone to the architecture. As a whole, the area is a strong contribution to the urban densification that is in demand in Enköping.