The Fuse Box



Västerås stad, Europan 16, Living Cities


ETTELVA Arkitekter


Kreativ utveckling, tävlingsbidrag


A group of coworkes form ETTELVA participated in the competition Europan 17, 2021. This is the contribution for the site in Västerås.



Through introducing temporary and permanent installations of a coherent design concept the fuse box aims to give Mälarporten a clear identity. By creating a set of installations which in different ways invite and attract people of various ages and interests we want to activate the area.

Through placing these installations throughout the site, also reaching into the neighbouring areas, we want to make the site feel connected to the rest of the city, making Mälarporten a welcoming and attractive place to be and pass through. By activating and making the area feel more connected to the rest of the city as well as through introducing more greenery and light we believe the safety of the area will be improved.