The Swedish Public Employment Service

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The Swedish Public Employment Service

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The Swedish Public Employment Service is one of the largest government agencies in Sweden. As the organisation’s HQ and its 1,800 employees relocated to new premisses in Solna outside Stockholm, one of the most comprehensive and significant workplace projects in Sweden was a fact.


The new HQ is designed as an activity based and flexible workplace with respect for both employees and the environment. Sustainability, work environment and accessibility have been at the heart of the project and taken into account everything from layouts, room functions, materials, signage, color scheme to furniture and interior design. Great emphasis has also been placed on the integration of technology and security. In addition to workplaces, the office also include a press room, auditorium, training rooms and a recording studio.


With the project and the transition to activity-based working methods and more efficient use of the office, the Swedish Public Employment Service reduces its costs while at the same time improving cooperation between the organisation's various departments. Office efficiency, in combination with recycling of furnishings, also have environmental benefits such as lower energy costs, reduced consumption. By developing architecture and working methods in parallel, the architecture supports the organization that the Swedish Public Employment Service is today, while the environments are flexible enough to support future changes.