Tollare Terrass

If nature is not enough, what is?



Family member

ETTELVA Arkitekter




Nature is pleased with simplicity. So how to add new elements to something that is already perfect? The vision of Tollare Terrass is to create a new residential area in a archipelago-like environment where the proximity to nature is a part of the experience.


Tollare Terrass in Nacka is designed as a small-scale neighborhood including include, 900 new homes, preschools, offices and shops.


The project consists of five main buildings, four of which are facing the water on the east side while the fifth building is a solitaire with a free view of the neighborhood and the sea. The brick colors and patterns in the facade is a contrast to the white concrete and the surrounding nature. All apartments have balconies overlooking the water while the top floors also include large roff terraces.