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Whispr Group is the result of a merger between a digital agency and a data analysis bureau. Together they represent what a modern organisation look like - dynamic, global, and knowledge-driven. But what about their physical space?


With offices in Stockholm, Oslo and New York, Whispr Group help their clients to turn big data into strategies, and the offices serves as a space for interaction and business development. By moving in with Whispr Group during the project period, we managed to get to know the company from the inside. We learned that Whispr had grown from a small company to an established organisation, and we realised that it was time to leave the start up look behind. 


By combining shades of grey, metal, wood, digital installations and with bespoke furniture, we managed to give the new office a sophisticated look at a minimal budget. The office is located in an old tobacco factory, and the contrast between a historic industry and a modern business define the new traditional.

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