"We´re unique. Just like everyone else."

Describing the Arkvision Family culture is difficult. Not because there isn't one, but because there isn't one.

Although we share the vision of a society where all people and ideas reach their full potential, we all have different personalities, competences, skillsets and preferences. We believe that by giving everyone a platform to grow, so will our society. Also, we're confident that it's better for our business as well as yours.

By combining the personality and passion of a small team with the capacity of a large organisation, the Arkvision Family efficiently manages everything from start-up office fit outs to urban development projects. Based on thorough insight in human behaviour and business needs, our ambition is to use creative architecture and design as a positive force to develop our society.

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Digital Architecture

A digital environment can be as real as our physical world. And vice versa. By letting architects, designers, programmers, game developers and visualisers work side by side, we create fully interactive experiences as well as individual digitalised objects.

The result can act as part of a decision basis, complement to a physical environment or as a stand-alone experience.

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As architects and experts in human behaviour, we have a responsibility. We develop sustainable environments where both people and organisations should be able to grow, with as little environmental impact as possible.

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Urban Development

By creating sustainable communities, we contribute to developing places where people and businesses can grow. We want to influence how society develops and change how we live - both today and tomorrow.

We act as a creative partner for community developers, both in the private and public sector.

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Our passion is to combine our enthusiasm for architecture with entrepreneurship. We create visionary design with commercial solutions that help to change how we live, work and consume.

In this way, we help to develop our customers' business and build relationships that last over time. Our wide range of skills and capacity to work together creates the market's best architectural and sustainable solutions.

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Interior Design

We know that people are affected by their surroundings. We also know that brand building architecture leads to better business performance and improved profitability.

With these insights as a starting point, we’re working with companies, organisations and property owners to develop sustainable, profitable indoor environments.

For more information, visit MER and Millimeter.


Through a breadth of knowledge that enables a wide variety of assignments of different scales and durations, we choose to, together with our clients, create sustainable landscape architecture through smart design and technical solutions.

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