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We believe that to shape tomorrow’s societies require a new combination of creative skills and professions. We have formed the Arkvision family in order to be a true creative partner to urban developers, property owners, business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to change and develop organisations, places, spaces and societies.

By centralising administrative activities such as Economy, IT, HR and Marketing in Arkvision Nordic, our family members can focus on their core business, making places and spaces more attractive. We design and develop places, buildings, interiors and urban environments by innovative meetings of creative disciplines. Our present family members are ETTELVA Arkitekter, MER Arkitekter, Millimeter Arkitekter and Obeon.

New business contact

Viktor Morgården, CEO

tel:+46-706-076 909



The team at ETTELVA represents an array of deep professional skills & experiences in residential housing, public architecture, urban development, hotels & resorts, automotive, office and infrastructure.

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New business contact

Nico Liljenberg, CEO / Linda Saarnak, CEO /

+4676-525 79 25 / +4676-525 79 31


MER is an internationally acclaimed interior design studio based in Stockholm. With more than 30 years of business experience, the team at MER offers access to all competences required to successfully manage complex interior design and development projects. Through extensive knowledge within architecture, project management, relocation management, virtual reality, procurement and change management. 

New business contact

Niklas Larsén, CEO / Venke Osnes, CEO /

+46 70 525 79 22 / +46 76 772 48 50


Millimeter Arkitekter is a firm of architects founded in 1996. We consider ourselves to be the leading hotel planners in Northern Europe, with more than 100 hotel projects under our belt; or, to put it another way, more than 10 000 hotel beds. A lot of our projects have involved production of brand-building architecture, concepts creating corporate profiles for hotels, offices, shops, restaurants and cafés.

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New business contact

Mikael Liljefors, CEO

+46 8 50 55 55 02


The Obeon is a virtual platform in which creative professionals and design studios can rent space by the square metre in order to showcase their ideas and products. As a tenant you can choose from a list of ready-made spaces or create your own space through one of our partners. Through the platform, we help those who want to reach out and market their products in stores or at fairs. The platform eliminates the need for a physical space, allowing products to speak for themselves in their right context, at a lower cost and with no stress for the environment. Through the innovative solution, the Obeon changes the way people, companies interact with each other.

Outside perspective, Virtual property, Urban by ESNY

New business contact

Niklas Larsén 

+46 76 525 79 22


If you run your own firm today and are ready to make the next step, Arkvision will offer you the opportunity to continue to develop your team and brand while enjoying full access to the Arkvision Family’s competences.

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Digital Architecture

A digital environment can be as real as our physical world. And vice versa. By letting architects, designers, programmers, game developers and visualisers work side by side, we create fully interactive experiences as well as individual digitalised objects.
The result can act as part of a decision basis, complement to a physical environment or as a stand-alone experience.

For more information, visit Obeon.


As architects and experts in human behaviour, we have a responsibility. We develop sustainable environments where both people and organisations should be able to grow, with as little environmental impact as possible.

Contact our family members for more information.

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Urban Development

By creating sustainable communities, we contribute to developing places where people and businesses can grow. We want to influence how society develops and change how we live - both today and tomorrow.
We act as a creative partner for community developers, both in the private and public sector.

For more information, visit ETTELVA.


Our passion is to combine our enthusiasm for architecture with entrepreneurship. We create visionary design with commercial solutions that help to change how we live, work and consume.
In this way, we help to develop our customers' business and build relationships that last over time. Our wide range of skills and capacity to work together creates the market's best architectural and sustainable solutions.

For more information, visit ETTELVA.

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Interior Design

We know that people are affected by their surroundings. We also know that brand building architecture leads to better business performance and improved profitability.
With these insights as a starting point, we’re working with companies, organisations and property owners to develop sustainable, profitable indoor environments.

For more information, visit MER and Millimeter.

Landscape Architecture

Through a breadth of knowledge that enables a wide variety of assignments of different scales and durations, we choose to, together with our clients, create sustainable landscape architecture through smart design and technical solutions.

For more information, visit ETTELVA.

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