Jaguar Land Rover

New generation building design for Jaguar Land Rover.


AB Sagax, British Motorgroup, JLR Sverige and Wästbygg

Family member

ETTELVA Arkitekter




As certified brand architect for Jaguar Land Rover, ETTELVA designed the first New Generation JLR-building in Scandinavia. The project began in September 2013 when the property owner AB Sagax initiated negotiations with British Motorgroup to establish a dealership on the property.


After several different investigations, the project found its form on the Bulten 5 property in Danderyd in May 2014. The northern part of the existing building on the site was demolished to make way for the first Jaguar Land Rover facility in Scandinavia according to the new sophisticated brand concept called " The Arch”.


The Jaguar factory's brand concept is characterised by a geometric appearance and low-key color range. The facility is part of AB Sagax's goal to develop the Bulten area into a modern and attractive car dealership zone.

car dealership exterior
car dealership interior